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Thank you for visiting our website. On this page we'll explain a little bit more about us, what we do and who our classes are for. We've also answered some FAQs here but please do get in touch if you have any other questions.

Let's get you started...

Here to give you a warm welcome to our studio is our wonderful studio owner, and head instructor, Julie! This quick video will also give you some basic info about our classes, the venues, and getting started.

Our Story


Hi, I'm Julie, owner and head instructor of Pole Tricks & Aerial. I first came across Pole in 2011 when I was at an event which had Pole demonstrations and I was immediately taken by it. One of the polers kindly showed me a few moves and I fell in love straight away.

At the time, I was a new Mum and going through a break up. My son was just coming up to 1-year-old and I just felt lost. I had no confidence and was really struggling to find myself again. Pole literally saved me; it gave me my confidence back. It was something I could work towards and focus on for myself.

I was so passionate about Pole that I decided to start teaching my own classes for the local community. I wanted to share this amazing sport with other people, to help anyone who was struggling or felt like something was missing in their life.


Now Pole Tricks & Aerial has classes running Monday to Thursday across two locations with an amazing group of instructors. I'm so happy that we've helped so many students get back into exercise, build strength, grow in confidence, have fun and destress from life.

More About Classes...

We specialise in offering unique circus based fitness classes for the local community. Our classes are accessible for all levels of fitness, including complete beginners with zero strength and zero experience.

All ages, all genders and all body types are welcome.

The aim of our classes is to get you out of the house, move your body, try something new and have fun. Our classes will help you to change your relationship with exercise and help you feel good in your body and mind. The way we teach allows you to work at your own pace and you will be surprised with how much you will achieve!

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