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Studio Rules

Studio rules are in place to keep our students safe. The below applies to adult classes and Young Flyer classes.


By purchasing Pole Tricks & Aerial classes, you are agreeing to these studio rules as well as our terms and conditions. Please read carefully before purchasing a class and if you have any questions please drop us a message.


(1.1) All classes require 24hrs notice to be able to rebook (except young flyers). For full terms and condition please click here.

(1.2) Class numbers, type of equipment, height of equipment, lesson content and number of students per equipment will vary, this will be down to the instructors discretion and must be respected.

(1.3) The warm up at the start of the class is vital for your safety. Please ensure you arrive on time for your lessons. If you miss the majority of the warm up you will not be allowed to join the class, unless you complete our warm up sheet exercises. You must complete all of the exercises for at least five minutes. The instructor will then decided whether you need to do more warming up before joining in with the class - this must be respected. Safety always comes first.

(1.4) The same applies for cool downs, please ensure you stay for your cool down. This will help prevent injury and reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). If you need to leave class early for any reason, please stop 5 minutes before you have to leave to complete our cool down sheet.

(1.5) All directions from the instructor are to be followed at all times.

(1.6) Only moves taught by the instructor may be performed in class. Do not attempt any move or trick that you are unable to complete without assistance or have not been taught explicitly by the instructor. Do not attempt to teach any other students in your class/group. Moves are taught in a specific order to ensure they suit your ability, progress you at the right pace and keep you safe. If you are taught any moves by another student, it may not be right for your level and can be taught incorrectly, which could cause you serious injuries. Remember they are not a qualified instructor and will not be insured to teach.
(1.7) Do not attempt to invert if you have never been shown how to do it correctly, if you have been learning to invert but are not fully ready to do this on your own, never attempt it without the assistance of your instructor or designated ‘spotter’.
(1.8) Please DO NOT swing or jump off the equipment. This is bad practice and could lead to injury.
(1.9) Please be respectful to your instructor and other class members. Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

(2.0) The instructor must be informed of any injury you have sustained that could affect your ability to
participate in the class.



(2.1) Please wear something comfortable and fitted, as loose clothing can get caught in the equipment. Leggings and a fitted top can be a good option. We will ask that shoes be taken off at the door, before entering the studio, to keep the area clean for everyone. We therefore recommend that all students use the provided yoga mats for warm ups and cool downs to prevent their feet/socks slipping on the floor.

(2.2) During the winter please wear a warm jumper and warm socks as we do not have central heating.
(2.3) For aerial classes skin MUST be covered, so please DO NOT wear shorts or crop tops. Skin that comes into contact with the hoop tape or silks fabric will get burnt. 

(2.4) For aerial sling / aerial silks classes you MUST wear a top that covers your armpits, this is to protect them but also for hygiene purposes.
(2.5) For pole classes, shorts are optional at beginner level as there are many moves you can work on with just your arms and with your feet on the ground. But if you would like to join in with the full lesson plan please wear shorts under your leggings so you can use the skin on your legs to grip the pole.

(2.6) For pole classes, students must not wear exotic clothing - we allow cheeky shorts but no thongs please, and tops must be worn. If you’re unsure about what’s acceptable, ask us and we’ll help you. Heels can be worn at pole classes in our Moreton venue but only when this doesn’t compromise your safety, the studio equipment, or the safety of others. Heels cannot be worn for Pole classes at our Witney venue due to the flooring.

(2.7) Jewellery MUST be removed before class especially rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and belly bars. This will avoid your jewellery being damaged, getting caught in the equipment, prevent injury to yourself and any damage to the studio equipment. The safest option is to leave it at home as the studio will not be responsible for anything that gets lost.
(2.8) For aerial sling / aerial silks classes please DO NOT wear:

- Anything with zips (even small zips in leggings, which are found at the back or at the ankles). They will put holes in the fabric causing them to rip, putting yourself and other students in danger.

- Anything with sharp edges.

- Also please make sure your nails are short and filed down, as long sharp nails are not suitable for this class. They will compromise your grip and damage the fabric.

(2.9) We recommend that long hair is tied back to avoid getting caught in the equipment and causing injury.

(2.10) Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. 


(3.1) Please don’t apply any moisturiser, oils, lotions or fake tan on the day of your class. Doing so will be at your own risk. These contain oil and will make the equipment slippery for you and others, leading to injury.

(3.2) If you are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be able to participate in the session.
(3.3) Grip Aids – Not everyone will need grip aid but if you do, we kindly ask that you purchase your own grip aid and have it labelled. Grip aid is for your hands, please do not put grip aid on the equipment. After using the grip please wipe the equipment so the next person can use the equipment. Some grip aids are banned in our studio due to being too sticky, please contact us to check which grips are allowed in our class.
(3.4) Crash mats are there for you own safety so please use them at all times.
(3.5) Please do not come to class if you are unwell, due to the nature of our sport it can be very easy to spread germs.

(3.6) Students are not allowed to eat during class, for health and safety and hygiene reasons. But please make sure to eat something small before attending class to avoid lack of energy and dizzy spells.

(3.7) Chewing gum is banned from classes.



(4.1) Videos and pictures will be taken during lessons for advertising and social media use, if you do not wish to be on social media, it is your responsibility to let the instructor know and step aside when the photo or video is being taken.

(4.2) Please be considerate of others when taking pictures or filming videos in class. If you would like to post a picture or a video online which shows someone else's face in the back ground, please either ask their permission to post the picture or video, or you can blur or cover them with a sticker.

(4.3) Entering another students training space to take photos is not allowed, there are plenty of other places to take pictures from. Students are there to train safely, and by entering their training space you are putting yourself at risk and others, as well as interrupting their training.

(4.4) Safety always comes first, please do not put yourself at risk in order to take pictures. Students must also prioritise spotting each other over taking photos. Please only capture moves which you are confident in holding on your own.

What to Wear
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