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            POLE SILKS


A beautiful fusion between pole and fabric.


Pole silks allows you to learn new tricks that you wouldn't be able to achieve on normal pole, gain confidence on nemesis pole moves as the fabric offers support in certain moves, enjoy a new way to spin as we work on a spinny mode!


Pole experienced not required but recommended, so you can get the best out of your pole silks lesson! We offer pole silks workshops or privates so why not book on and try it out? 



Pole tricks believe in quality not quantity.


We offer special one to one lessons for those who want to progress faster, learn the latest tips and tricks, get extra support with moves you're working on and gain extra strength and flexibility. We also offer two to one and three to one at very affordable prices! 


Vouchers are available for purchase and we will be offering workshops very soon. Please get in touch to find out more.

            GROUP LESSONS


Ditch the work out and join in the fun!


Our Pole classes have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere! Group classes have several benefits including, meeting new people, making new friends, support each other, motivation from your fellow polers, confidence boosting and lastly but not least sharing that special moment of when you achieve that AWSOME pole move.


Classes are limited to 12 students per instructor and no more than 2 students per pole, this ensures you to get the best lesson.

Your Instructor: Julie Santos

Teaching since: January 2013

Poling since: December 2011

Favourite move: Phoenix Lift

Favourite move to teach: Genesis

Pole Idol: Jenyne Butterfly

Pole Competitions: Dance Inspires In House (1st place -Elite)

Pole Ambition: To enter another competition


I have always had a passion for dance and gymnastics but never had the opportunity to take it seriously. I was feeling quite low after becoming a mum and my identity felt lost. I started looking for a new hobbie and fun way to workout, I wanted to do something more interesting than going to the gym. I tried several classes including dance fit, spinning and zumba, but nerver stuck to any of them as I didn't find it challenging enough and the fun seemed to have died out over time.


In 2011 I was at the Clothes Show Live and that's when I discovered Xpole, I went over and had a go myself and in no time at all I was hooked! Ordered my pole that week and joined classes.The atmosphere of a pole class is really relaxed and friendly, I met some lovely people! My confidence grew, helped me tone and keep in shape. After a few months I knew that my passion was to teach, pass on my knowledge and love I have for pole to my students.


Pole can be hard work and you need determination but I would recommend it to anyone as it's also really fun and beneficial. You get an amazing sense of achievement when you complete a move and then it gets quite addictive! 


Pole has honestly changed my life in such a positive way, I don't think I could ever be without it. 




About Us

pole tricks pole fitness classes

Certified First Aid Trained

Spin City Qualified Instructor

Anatomy and Physiology Trained

PDC Approved

Fully Insured 


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