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Terms & Conditions

We want to make sure you get the most out of your classes.​ 

We understand that we all have busy lives and things can come up! This is why we offer multiple types of memberships which allow you to reschedule your class if needed. To reschedule a class, our booking system requires 24hrs notice. For full terms and conditions please read below.

By purchasing Pole Tricks & Aerial classes, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions as well as our studio rules. Please read carefully before purchasing a class and if you have any questions please drop us a message.

Last updated on 1st of January 2024.


(1.1) Pole Tricks & Aerial no longer offers different memberships for each type of discipline. We now offer memberships which includes all classes on our timetable. Giving students more opportunities to attend our classes.

(1.2) All membership purchases and bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

(1.3) Students must leave the class a minimum of 24 hours before their class is due to start to qualify for re-booking. This applies to all memberships, except young flyers monthly memberships (please see young flyers section).

(1.4) Spaces are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. All bookings must be made through the booking system, this will ensure classes are not over booked. The booking system allows you to book up to one month in advance, classes get booked up quite quickly so make sure to book in advance.

(1.5) All cancellations must be made through our online booking system. If you are struggling to login/leave the class, you must contact us at least 24hrs before your class is due to start. Contacting us after this period will result in your class being lost.

(1.6) Pole Tricks & Aerial aims to get back to all enquiries as soon as possible, however emergency enquiries such as logging in and class booking issues will take priority, for any other enquiries please allow up to 48hrs for a reply.

(1.7) For all enquiries please email to contact us, or for more urgent enquiries please text us on 077727 33965.

(1.8) Students must leave the class if they are not able to attend so others can book on, failure to do this may lead to extra charges.
(1.9) Students must book in for the correct class which reflects their level, unless otherwise discussed with your instructor. If you are unsure on which class to book please contact us.
(1.10) Students are responsible for booking their classes. Spaces are not guaranteed after purchasing a membership, please check there are spaces available before purchasing classes.

(1.11) After purchasing a pay as you go or block booking membership, students need to book their classes straight away to avoid losing them. Expiry dates will not be extended due to classes being fully booked.

(1.12) If classes are full students can join the waiting list in case someone leaves the class. When a space becomes available the booking system will send a notification email and students will have one hour to book before it offers the space to the next person.

(1.13) Students can swap to an earlier or later class by contacting us, as long as it's on the same day and it does not cause class numbers to drop below the minimum number. Class swaps are down to the instructors discretion as this may not be suitable for the students level.

(1.14) Students arranging for another student to attend a class in their place is not allowed and will result in extra charges.

(1.15) In the event of a long term illness or medical condition that stops students from further exercise, a doctors note stating they are no longer able to exercise will be required to claim a refund for any remaining classes on their membership.

(1.16) Private lessons and workshop bookings are also non-refundable and non-transferable. 

(1.17) Private lessons require 48hrs notice to be able to reschedule.

(1.18) By purchasing a class/course/workshop/membership students are accepting our terms and conditions and are fully aware of procedures in place and the outcomes if they breach them.​


(2.1) Pole Tricks & Aerial classes run for 47 weeks of year. The remaining 4 weeks (apart from Christmas week closure) are floating weeks. There will be no regular classes during floating weeks, instead they will be used for studio maintenance, instructor training or instructor holiday. Students will be notified in advance of upcoming floating weeks. Floating weeks will not affect students who have a monthly membership, as Pole Tricks & Aerial run classes for 4 weeks every month, and monthly members pay for 4 classes per month.

(2.2) Moreton-in-Marsh Bank Holidays: due to venue closure Pole Tricks & Aerial will not be able to run classes on bank holidays at the Fire College Sports Centre. Students will need to attend another class on our timetable instead. This applies to all memberships. Please note refunds will not be issued to compensate for bank holiday venue closure (except young flyers, please read young flyers section below).

(2.3) Pole Tricks & Aerial classes currently run with 2 students per equipment. Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to change or amend class numbers at any point.

(2.4) The quantity of equipment being put out for classes, lesson content, height of equipment and use of extras such as swivels etc, are at the instructors discretion and must be respected.

(2.5) The instructor will allocate students to a piece of equipment, therefore students must not walk in and claim a piece of equipment.

(2.6) Practice sessions will be on offer based on class sizes, spaces will be released on the day at the instructors discretion. Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel practice sessions at any time.

(2.7) Please note practice sessions are supervised but not taught, students must come prepared with moves to practice that they are confident in and no new moves must be attempted. Students are responsible for warming up and cooling down properly when attending a practice session.

(2.8) Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to change its class offer, timetable and pricing. Notice will be given of any changes, where possible.

(2.9) In the event of a class being covered by another instructor, the class type may change due to instructors being qualified in different disciplines. Students will be notified of a class change as soon as possible. If a class has changed and students prefer to attend an alternative class, students will be able to reschedule their class.

(2.10) Pole Tricks & Aerial requires a minimum of 4 students booked to be able to run a class or workshop.

(2.11) Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel or merge classes, courses and workshops at any time e.g. if the minimum number is not reached.

(2.12) In the event of Pole Tricks & Aerial having to cancel a class, we aim to give students at least 2 hours notice, where possible. The booking system will automatically send a notification email when a class is cancelled (please check your junk folder as sometimes emails land in there). If students are unsure whether their class is cancelled, they can check this on the booking system (the class will no longer be showing) or students can also contact us.

(2.13) If a class is cancelled we will extend membership expiration dates by one week if needed, for pay as you go and block booking memberships. For monthly memberships, students will be able to re-book for another class within that month or receive a catch up  to use the following month (please see below for more information on memberships and catch ups).


(3.1) All sessions must be paid for upon booking. Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel your place on a class/workshop if payment is not received.

(3.2) All memberships and bookings are to be paid online through our booking system, we do not accept cash.

(3.3) The payment processor we use is called 'GoCardless' students will create an account with them by putting their bank details in instead of card details. Students will only be charged for what they purchase. Pay as you go and block booking memberships are a single charge, unless students purchase more classes. Monthly memberships are a monthly direct debit, until students decide to cancel (please see below for more information on memberships).

(3.4) Students must contact us first if they would like to cancel their monthly membership direct debit.

(3.5) Failed payments need to be rectified otherwise no further classes will be available to book or attend.

(3.6) Outstanding balances will be pursued.



(4.1) All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. When purchasing a class students are committing to their membership. Please read full terms and conditions, and the membership's descriptions carefully before purchasing.

(4.2) Pay as you go memberships are valid for 30 days, from the day of purchase.

(4.3) Block booking memberships are valid for 6 weeks, all 4 classes must be used within 6 weeks of booking the first class of the block, or they will be lost.

(4.4) Monthly memberships are recurring payments until students decide to cancel. They require one calendar month notice to cancel (notice period always starts from the 1st of the next month). For young flyers please see section 8.

(4.5) If students do not follow the membership cancellation policy, they will be blocked from booking any future classes with Pole Tricks & Aerial until the outstanding balance is paid.

(4.6) For monthly members we can secure a weekly space for their preferred class. Please contact us to set this up.

(4.7) Our monthly memberships give our students an amount of classes to use per month. Students can attend any class on our timetable, at either of our venues. If students are unable to use all of their classes that month as long as they leave the booked class with 24hrs notice, we will give a catch up class to use the following month. Please see catch ups section below. For young flyers please see section 8.

(4.8) If a class is cancelled because of weather conditions (snow), low numbers (below 4 students), instructor illness or instructor holiday, students will be able to re-book their class within that month, or we can give catch up class to use the following month.

(4.9) If students are unhappy because they are unable to attend catch ups, and are worried about losing their classes, we recommend that they review the membership options on offer, as they may be on the wrong type of membership. We offer 3 different types of memberships to suit our students.

(4.10) Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel monthly memberships which are not being used by the student, so we can open up the space to another student who is on the monthly membership waiting list. We will allow up to 4 weeks of no attendance before we contact the student and make this decision.

(4.11) Pole Tricks & Aerial will amend monthly membership payments accordingly for Christmas and New Year closure. 

(4.12) Bank Holidays will not qualify for a reduction of fees of monthly memberships.

(4.13) Monthly membership you are billed 12 times a year, on the 1st of each month.

(4.14) Monthly memberships can be placed on hold for one calendar month. This must be arranged in advance, we require at least one months notice to be able to put a membership on hold. Membership holds are given at the discretion of Pole Tricks & Aerial.

(4.15) Membership holds can only start from the next payment date. Whilst a memberships is on hold students cannot attend any classes. Once the hold has ended the booking system will resume taking payments as normal.

(4.16) To cancel a membership whilst on hold students must follow the cancellation policy and give one months notice.


(5.1) Catch ups are only given if students are unable to attend all of their classes within that month. To qualify for a catch up students must leave their class on the booking system a minimum of 24 hours before it's due to start. 
(5.2) If students require a catch up, they MUST contact us after leaving the class, so their catch up can be added to their profile manually. Once added, catch ups are valid for 30 days from the day of the missed class.
(5.3) Catch ups are down to students to arrange and students must follow the catch up terms and conditions.
(5.4) Catch up spaces are subject to availability, students must book in advance to avoid disappointment. Expiry dates will not be extended due to classes being fully booked.
(5.5) Catch ups are not to be used in replacement of a regular class (for example: students cannot leave their regular class and re-book with one of their catch ups).
(5.6) Class spaces are prioritised for paid bookings over catch ups, students must cancel their catch up slot if they no longer can attend a class or else they will be charged for that space.

(5.7) Please note catch ups are a bonus added by Pole Tricks and not part of a paid monthly membership, catch ups can be amended or cancelled at any point.

(5.8) Catch ups can be used at practice sessions, one catch up is equal to one practice session.
(5.9) Cancelled memberships or memberships on hold will not qualify for catch ups and any outstanding catch ups will be lost from the day students cancel or hold their membership. If a student cancels their membership and a class is cancelled by the student during the last month of their membership, they will not be entitled to a catch up, as this is a benefit for active monthly members only. All classes must be used on the last month. If Pole Tricks & Aerial cancel a class during the last week of a students membership, we will give them a catch up to use the following month.


(6.1) Studio rules are in place to keep students safe whilst training, please read them carefully. Failure to follow the rules will result in no longer being able to attend the classes and all outstanding bookings will be lost.

(6.2) The warm up is the most important part of the class and usually lasts 5-7 minutes. Due to this, if students are more than 5 minutes late to their session, will not be allowed to join the class and will not receive a refund.

(6.3) Students who turn up to class wearing unsuitable clothing or jewellery will be turned away and the class will be lost (please refer to our studio rules for what to bring and wear). Wearing jewellery can cause serious injury, as well as damage the equipment, which could lead to extra charges for replacement.

(6.4) Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel classes during extreme weather conditions.

(6.5) Due to our Moreton venue having a snow roof, classes will not run if there's a certain amount of snow set on the roof, due to health and safety reasons.

(6.6) Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental/guardian consent to join the classes.
(6.7) Our minimum age for our adult classes is 16, unless otherwise discussed with Pole Tricks & Aerial.
(6.8) Unfortunately Pole Tricks & Aerial do not teach pregnant ladies who are new to this type of exercise. If you have just had a baby you must check first with your doctor that you are ready to go back to a medium to high level of exercise.
(6.9) If students are injured they must check first with their doctor if they are able to attend classes. And all students must let their instructor know if they have any new injuries prior to attending the classes.
(6.10) Students should not come to class if they are unwell, due to the nature of our sport it can be very easy to spread germs. Cancellation policy still applies.

(6.11) Students should not come to class if they have had contact with or have symptoms of COVID 19. If students start to suffer symptoms of COVID 19 after class they need to let us know as soon as possible.

(6.12) All accidents will be documented. However, minor injuries will likely occur, such as bruises, burns and muscle soreness due to the nature of the sport, therefore these will not be documented.

(6.13) Spotting is required to keep students safe, if students prefer to not be spotted they must notify the instructor prior to starting the class. Please be aware if students choose not to be spotted, this will affect which moves they are able to learn, as safety always comes first.

(6.14) Students must listen and follow instructions at all times, use crash mats and only perform moves they feel confident in.

(6.15) It is the students responsibility to take account of any physical or mental impediments they have before they begin any Pole Tricks & Aerial classes and they must notify the instructor of any medical conditions that may affect them during the class.

(6.16) Injuries or incidents occurred during the classes are in no way the fault or the responsibility of Pole Tricks & Aerial or the Instructor. Students take full responsibility for themselves when attending classes and must follow our studio rules in order to stay safe.

(6.17) Students are required to notify Pole Tricks & Aerial if they are teaching or assisting at any other local aerial fitness school. All material taught in Pole Tricks & Aerial classes is not to be taught in any form at any other location without prior approval from Pole Tricks & Aerial.


(7.1) All Students will sign a photography waiver before booking their first class. Videos and pictures will be taken during lessons for advertising and social media use, if you do not wish to be on social media, it is your responsibility to let the instructor know and step aside when the photo or video is being taken.
(7.2) Please be considerate of others when taking pictures or filming videos in class. If you would like to post a picture or a video online which shows someone else's face on the back ground, please either ask their permission to post the picture or video, or you can blur or cover them with a sticker. There are many ways to do this, if you are unsure how please contact us so we can help you.

(7.3) Failure to ask permission to post pictures with other peoples faces in the background or without blurring them, is invasion of their privacy and it could lead to serious legal consequences.

(7.4) Students must also respect each other in class when it comes to taking pictures. Entering another students training space to take photos is not allowed, there are plenty of other places to take pictures from. Students are there to train safely, and by entering their training space you are putting yourself at risk and others, as well as interrupting their training. Equally ruining someones photo on purpose or speaking negatively to another student because of photos is against our studio rules and will not be tolerated.

(7.5) Safety always comes first, students should not put themselves at risk in order to take pictures. Students must prioritise spotting each other over taking photos. Students should only capture moves which they are confident in holding on their own.


(8.1) The recommended age for our young flyer classes is 10 - 15 years, because aerial classes require a high level of concentration and maturity. Students must be able to listen and follow instructions in order to stay safe during our classes.

(8.2) For private lessons and small group privates, students as young as 6 - 9 years can start their aerial journey, however this will also depend on the child's maturity, safety always comes first and due to the nature of aerial classes, it can be dangerous if young students are not following instructions.
(8.3) Children's classes run for 4 weeks per month for 12 months of the year (apart from Christmas & New Year closure).

(8.4) 'Floating weeks' (the 5th week of the month) we will have an inset day for instructor training (Please see booking system for inset dates).

(8.5) In the event of a class being cancelled due to weather conditions (snow), venue closure (bank holiday), or instructor illness, we will run a catch up class on the next floating week or we will run a make up class on a Friday evening.
(8.6) Children's classes, courses and workshops bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable, please keep this in mind when booking.
(8.7) For monthly memberships, In the event of the child being ill and missing a class, Pole Tricks & Aerial will not be able to offer a replacement class or catch up.
(8.8) If the child develops an injury or a long term illness whilst booked onto a course, a doctors note will be required stating the child is no long able to exercise to qualify for a refund of their remaining classes.
(8.9) Student to equipment ratio can vary for our children's classes/courses/workshops depending on class numbers and students' levels, however we will never exceed 3 children to each piece of equipment for the 10-15 years age group and 5 children to one piece of equipment for the 6-9 age group for group private lessons.

(8.10) Pole Tricks & Aerial reserves the right to cancel Children's classes/courses/workshops at any point but will give notice where possible.

(8.11) Children MUST respect the instructor and other students whilst in class, failure to do so will lead to no longer being able to attend classes, and all remaining classes already paid for will be lost.

(8.12) To cancel a child's monthly membership please contact us before the next monthly payment is due to come out (the booking system requires at least 2 weeks notice).

(8.13) Please let us know if your child cannot attend a class. You can do this by leaving the class on the booking system or by sending us a message. 

(8.14) Pay as you go membership option can also be used for young flyer classes.

(8.15) Please ensure you read full terms and conditions above and are happy with them.

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